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Winter Wools #291 Skein Kit Contents:
reeling291 thumbnail
Skein Kit contains. . .Thirty Three ounces of mixed wool and mohair fiber(1184+yards)
6 ozs. Persian wool yarn solid color(258 yards+)
5 ozs. Persian wool yarn random dyed color(218 yards+)
4 ozs. brushed English mohair (246 yards+)
6 ozs. king size English mohair loop (96 yards+)
4 ozs. random thick and thin wool (123 yards+)
4 ozs. mohair and wool loop (170 yards+)
4 ozs. thick and thin boucle wook (73 yards+)

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291-106pinkshotsvio thumbnail
Pinks & Hot Violets #106

291-107aubfuschia thumbnail
Aubergine & Fuschia #107

291-108raspvio thumbnail
Raspberry & Violets #108

291-113raspberrypink thumbnail
Raspberry & Pinks #113

291-114rasppinklilac thumbnail
Raspberry Pink & Lilac #114

291-115turqnavygrn thumbnail
Turq Navy & Green #115

291-116vionavypink thumbnail
Violet Navy & Pink #116

291-91vioburpink thumbnail
Violet Burgundy & Pink #91

291-92burgmultiviopinks thumbnail
Burgundy Violets & Pinks #92

291-93vibaubpurpink thumbnail
Violet Aubergine & Pink #93

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